During the pandemic the Society has produced a monthly news-sheet for members.

The latest one is below.


February 2021

Good news at last! Most members of the Committee have been ‘jabbed’, and so, I expect, have many of you. Spring is coming (despite the weather at the moment), with snowdrops and hellebores out, and even the odd daffodil and a hyacinth. In this News-sheet you will learn of other reasons to be cheerful: work at the Railway Station and at The Grove Church is taking place, there’s a beautiful façade to be seen in Albert Road – and the possibility of a visit to Bolham Manor.

We hope you are well and remain so. Please keep smiling, too!

Retford Charter Day 2021

The organisers of Charter Day have agreed unanimously that it would be unsafe and unwise to run the popular event that has taken place in the town each May for 26 years.

Retford Charter Day is a large-scale event and the organisers cannot confidently guarantee that social distancing would be adhered to, and even with the new vaccines, it would be unsafe and reckless to proceed this year.

It was unthinkable a year ago that we would still be in this situation and need to cancel again. However, work behind the scenes will continue to develop the day in anticipation of next year’s event!

Please follow Retford Charter Day on Facebook for further news and updates. Keep safe and see you next year!

Tale of a Golden Ball

Some years ago, Retford Civic Society reinstated the pawnbroker’s golden balls on the side of the building that is now the Salvation Army charity shop. Recently, they have been refurbished. Sadly, the other day an RCS member noticed that one was missing; presumably it had come loose and fallen off in the high winds. After a search yielded nothing, the fear was that it had gone for ever, and RCS would have to have another one made.

However, an appeal on Facebook was answered: it had been found by the body- piercer who works above the charity shop. He had tried to find out what to do with it by contacting various organisations, but nobody could tell him. He delivered it to RCS and they will reinstate it as soon as possible.

Warmest thanks go to the body-piercer and his friend who alerted him to the appeal. It is heart-warming to know that there are Retfordians who are civic-minded and kind and go out of their way to help others. 

The only puzzle is: why did nobody realise who was responsible for the golden ball? Many things of beauty and interest – the sculpture outside the HSBC, the railings around St Swithun’s church, the information boards, Kings’ Park gates, the murals and more – to be seen around the town are the result of projects undertaken by the Civic Society in partnership with other organisations. The Civic Society has a big presence in Retford.


If you Google ‘Retford Civic Society’, you’ll see our website. Have you ever done so? It’s worth taking a look. It’s recently been updated, thanks to Barrie King. It aims to appeal to visitors as well as to members, and we think it does that. What do you think? We would welcome your comments and suggestions.

Albert Hall on Albert Road

In News-sheet no.4 we reported that this was being converted into flats. The frontage is something special, and we love it! Do go and take a look.


The Grove Methodist Church

As we reported in ‘Stop Press’ last time, The Grove has been awarded a grant of £25,000 to restore the ceiling. Finally (it’s been a long time), work has started.

Railway Station

Work on the covered way and the lift continues, despite the weather. The picture shows the base area of the lift, and the worker paddling in the flood water.


Bolham Manor Snowdrops

As you know, the Snowdrop Weekend had to be cancelled; however, at the moment, Pam and Butch are allowing a couple of people at a time to visit by appointment. So you are able to visit the garden, where luscious snowdrops are now appearing, to be followed by crocuses, daffodils and hellebores. The entrance fee of £3.50 will go to Macmillan and Marie Curie through the National Garden Scheme.

Unfortunately, they cannot provide refreshments or the usual facilities, but do bring a flask and a snack if you wish. Obviously all covid restrictions apply.

Bolham Manor, Bolham Way, Retford. DN22 9JG. It’s somewhere beautiful for you to walk and enjoy. Book a date and time with Pam on 07790 869 022.  


Subscriptions are rolling in by cheque, Pay Pal and bank transfer. Thank you so much to all members who are supporting RCS even though it’s all a bit ‘remote’ at the moment. If you haven’t paid yet, please do so by one of these methods. When you received your 30th Anniversary booklet and membership card there was also an A4 sheet in the envelope with a message from Chairman Derek and on the bottom was a subscription reminder. If you have any problems please ring Pat or Bruce on 01777 704154.